Lynwood Garden

A collector’s mail order nursery in the cool climate of the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.

The website is updated weekly so be sure to check back regularly.

Plant Size

Plant size is usually generous, generally 14cm – 15cm pot size.

Looking after the environment

We supply plants in fully compostable wrapping and packaging. Throw the entire box and all wrapping onto the compost heap. Even the sticky tape is made of cellulose with rubber adhesive, so it is fully compostable at home.

Seeds are supplied in acid free envelopes, which do not react with seeds and allow them to breath, inside labeled unbleached envelopes. We never supply in plastic resealable bags which may harm seeds and pollute the environment with microplastics.

Do you want more plants than those listed?

If you want more plants or seeds than listed on my site, or those not shown in stock but shown on my social media pages, I am happy to receive your email enquiries. I never list the entire contents of my nursery as it changes so quickly and I usually keep a few in reserve. Just contact me and I will see if I can help.

Where we sell

We sell plants to the east coast of Australia and South Australia. Due to Biosecurity controls we do not sell plants to Tasmania, Western Australia or outside Australia.

We sell seeds to the east coast of Australia, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Delivery of Orders

Plants are posted via Australia Post Express or free pickup is available from our office in Bowral. The option for free pickup can be selected on the checkout page.

Plants are dispatched Monday to Wednesday, except in short weeks or when the weather is extreme (heat or rain). In those cases we may hold the orders until the following week.

If you suddenly decide you want another plant you did not include in your order simply place another order and select ‘pickup’ on the final purchase page and I will add it, or them, to your order without adding extra postage.

How the Plants are Grown

Almost all my plants are grown outside exposed to the elements including frost and heat. So be assured when they arrive they will be ready to take on the challenge of your garden.

We have frosts from May to October, although as we all know frosts are not limited to the calendar. Occasionally we have snow but not as much as we used to.

Although the plants are cold tolerant many are much happier in warmer climates without the frost. They might give you a hug when they arrive! Instance Fuchsias and gardenias. I just have to grow these as I love them so much!

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